Alyona og Bror Ivan

Alyona og Bror Ivan er et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom profesjonelle kunstnere fra tre land. Vår tjekkiske scenograf Barbora Burdová har skåret ut unike figurer og bygget en portabel scenografi, vår franske dukkefører Pierrick Lefevre spiller sammen med sin norske kollega Ida Frisch, i regi av Ellen Jerstad. I tillegg har vi to musiker på laget, Malin Sanden og Ilker Dursun – som komponerer og spiller frem det musiske landskap.


This production is based on a folk tale  about two siblings who have lost their parents at sea. Alyona and her brother Ivan are not alone through, they are in it together. They move to their aunt who is obsessed with money, she puts them to work painstakingly polishing precious  stones. Alyona and Ivan what to get in the world, so they escape into a magical and unpredictable forest. Streams that sings with human voices, and water that transforms you into new forms. This story is about teamwork, love and growing up in an unpredictable crazy world. For this performance we have been looking for a timeless sound to provoke wonder and imagination in the children watching.

The company are stretching toward pioneering puppetry solutions. Challenging ourselves in different visual directions, we work with scale, form, physical theater and nonverbal solutions. Øyteateret was founded in 2014. The company has no theatre building of its own. Instead it tours work to theatres, village halls, schools and site-specific locations, like the islands on the Oslo fjord. “Alyona og Bror Ivan” was shown for more than 1,000 visitors in August 2014. Children between 6 and 13 years from different regions in Oslo were transported by boat to Langøyene islands in the Oslo fjord. There the children were greeted by the director, brought across the island to a 55sqm round tent, in which the performance took place. In the same period the show was performed every weekend in Gallery Brenneriet in Brenneriveien, Oslo.


Director and writer: Ellen Jerstad

Puppets and design: Barbora Burdová

Puppeteer and producer: Ida Frisch

Puppeteer: Pierrick Lefevre

Composer and musician: Malin Sanden

Musician: Ilker Dursun

Photo/Film bellow: Sebastian Dahl